" If only you...
By maddieunderscore
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" Everyone says you can fix any problem that comes your way if you try, what about me am i fixable? or do you just not want to try and fix me? am i not the perfect image for you? just because I'm not done up all the time, or because I'm not some personal slave for you or is ir because i dont stress over how i look for you? is that what you want me to do all these things so you feel like you have power over something tou want me to be a reflection of what you are? so I'll ask you again can you fix everything or do you just choose not to?" -maddieunderscore heyu it's maddie i came out with this so it's pretty much some poems and short sayings i came up with if you want yours im here just comment i have another book called " she's the bad girl" plz read also vote and follow let me know what you think


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" If...
by maddieunderscore