Me And The Broken B...
By SuperLUVwriting
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Anthony Gridy is your typical teen. He parties and drinks, as I said, your typical teen. Through everyone's eyes he's just normal but his home life isn't. The continuous beatings from his father causes him to block everyone out; guarded by hundreds of walls. He sleeps around and doesn't care about a soul, especially himself. But will a cheery, beautiful girl help break those walls and help him learn to live without hatred for himself? Coda Lance is a cheery teenager with a side of sarcasm. Coda has a boyfriend and some really close friends. She loves the outdoors, video games, cameras and basically everything else in the world. But when Coda bumps into and arrogant, barren teenager her life changes forever. She discovers a new side to life and takes in a new perspective. ---------- I can't believe he just cheated on me! But like he wasn't even hiding it, he kissed her right in front of me! While on a furious internal rant with myself I didn't even notice my surroundings and ended up running into a wall, or what felt like a wall. I crash to the ground, my back took most of the fall. "What the cra-" I looked up to see a well built guy with dark brown hair and icy eyes that pierce right through you. I went back to being furious after a glance at him. "What the crap dude, watch where your walkin'." I say rubbing my head trying to get the pain to go away. He just smirked and held out a hand. "Sorry beautiful but your the one who ran into me." I declined his hand and got up myself. He was right, I was the one who wasn't watching my surroundings but when I'm mad I usually blame others for things that are my fault. I groaned and began to walk away when I was spun around too face the guy. We were way closer that I am comfortable with. "Sorry dude but I have a boyf-" I stopped when the word left my mouth and tears threatened to fall. Unfortunately I wasn't good at holding back tears and I ended up balling my eyes out. The guy just pulled me closer.


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Me And Th...
by SuperLUVwriting