His Territory | Har...
By WorldofPedz
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=Unedited= Joe was a virgin and her skin was clean. Until she met him. Harry took her virginity and marked her flawless skin. A Suspense Mystery story, in which a young girl wakes up with a butterfly tattoo across her lower stomach and the words HIS TERRITORY tattooed above it. Turns out to be the handsome, panty-dropping, Multi-millionaire, Harry Styles behind her tattoos. Together they must unravel the events which happened on that night. Cover by: @SassySatanX NOTICE: This book may contain the following - Mature scenes such as moderate to strong Sex Scenes/Strong Langauge/Suspense Scenes/Alcohol and/or drug usage. It is not recommended you read this if you are not 16 or older. However, if you are fine with the above or you are mature enough, then you may read it. - - Copyright: You may use my idea for your own book, but do not copy this book entirely. Including the characters, storyline and the events that happen within it. Started: 25th March 2017 Ended: 25 September 2017


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His Terri...
by WorldofPedz