Not What It Seems
By raininwinter
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Description written by my close friend. Meet Ray. An incredibly intelligent and talented child prodigy. You would think her life must be so marvelous, after all not every 14 year old has a bachelor's degree in psychology. However, Ray lives with her aunt because her mom abandoned her for some guy, she's has only recently made her first friend ever, and her mom shows up time after time to harass her. As if that wasn't enough, to top it all of, after an accident, Ray was sucked into an alternate dimension where her alternative self (who is a guy mind you) is also being harassed. Except this time by a crazy power hungry lunatic, and it is up to her to help the other Ray. Join Ray as she weaves in and out of dimensions unexpectedly, trying to help her alternative self (who, as she believes, is quite dense) while also trying her best to help herself. Embark on a journey where a broken girl oh so willingly uses her knowledge of the human brain to assists others and their problems, while also trying to come to face with her own. ---- Reviews: "10 out of 10 would recommend." - Ernie (A person I just made up) "An interesting plot. It was very alluring and a definite must read!" - The New York Times (I wish..) "So intriguing and fascinating. All the emotion and feels gripped my soul as I read this story. I didn't want to stop reading for my curiosity burned inside of me. I just fell in love with the book." - You (Once you've read it!) "It was quite a story. An absolute masterpiece. Maybe one day high school students will read it in their classroom just like the Once and Future King, except they will most likely enjoy it a lot more." - T.H. White (Probably...Idk he's dead)


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Not What...
by raininwinter