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• ❝ THEY'RE B E A U T I F U L , WHAT ARE THEY ? ❞ ❝ S A P P H I R E S ❞ Alexis Liddel is the daughter of Alice from Wonderland. Just like her mother, she was taken to the mysterious land, but remained trapped behind the door that lead back to her world. Time flew by for her, her absence only feeling like one single night for her, but in reality, it was 50 years. This is a story about a lost girl who one day emerges from Wonderland, and enters the Wizarding World, at the time when all her loved ones have passed on. Re-adjusting to the fact that her once best friend at Hogwarts in her original time, Tom Marvolo Riddle, has now become a dark and powerful sorcerer, she struggles to understand her new surroundings, and to understand 'new' in general. But what if her confusion of the new world she is in and trying to navigate it is noticed by a certain Weasley? Will her lost friendship with Tom Riddle just about be enough to change Voldemort's mind about something devastating he is planning on doing? [ golden trio era ] [ fred weasley x reader ] [ cover by Georgia ] [ status : ongoing ] [ @firxwhiskey 2017 ]

|| foreword ||

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