Sassy Sofie (COMPLE...
By Lady_Lemonade_
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Sofie Alessia Andrada has always been the aggressive type, free spirited and strong willed. Men bow down to her and worships her beauty. Just one smile from her full lips and they are willing to do everything for her. Men are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. And she got used to these treatment not until.. She met a guy who cant be easily swayed by her beauty and wits. But what if this guy is not a stranger afterall. And he got more hidden motives than she can even count. What if by being with him she will unveil the past she tried to forget. When two strong willed person found themselves together, who will be the first to bend? Who will break or who will burn?

1 Sassy Sofie

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Sassy Sof...
by Lady_Lemonade_