Chasing Sin
By BitchyPeachy
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HIGHEST RANKING #1 Mob #1Thief "Run!" Vlad shouted and with that I kick the third men on his groin grab the briefcase and quickly run away from that room. I was running on the hallway just wearing my black cycling, white long sleeves, thigh band and barefooted. Great. I'm sure it will not be obvious that I'm the thief right? I was almost there on the door that leads to the panel when five men were about to go on my way. "There she is!" I heard one man shouted so I run to the other side of the hall but before I can take a step I bumped into someone. The impact was forceful that made me almost loose my balance but fuck this man, I'm built. "Hi Megan." I heard the man I bumped with say. It gave me a hint it was that Tyler guy who caught me but instead it left a confused reaction when I saw someone who is completely not familiar. Shit. Looking at any other direction I saw numerous of men. I was panting as my brows creased. I'm fucking dead, damn it! "What do you want us to do with her boss?" One of the man in suit asked. My head tilt with question and trace where that 'boss' is and I end up looking at a tall, shaved, dark haired, hazel eyed and serious looking man. "In my office." He commanded and his voice sounds threatening as if he's going to kill the shit out of me. Shit. He's the fucking Mob boss..

Chapter One - Sin

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Chasing S...
by BitchyPeachy