The Devil Is My Gua...
By brech33se
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One thing I'll always remember is my parents saying "Everyone has a story" "Everyone has a story with a past, tragic or not. Everyone has a story that is meant to go unjudged, even if it was never told" But sometimes we forget that. Like when I though that my guardian was the devil. Even though he taught me how to laugh, how to protect, and even possible how to love. I only asked one thing "Why?" I still remember the one phrase that changed my life"Let me carry her" This one single and normal phrase was said by none other than Cooper Kingsley, our school's and town's bad boy. He was the championship boxer who drove a motorcycle and got into trouble frequently. He's the guy with brown hair that looked soft enough to run my fingers through, the guy with irresistible cold blue eyes and the guy with a built and strong body that made girls crazy. He wasn't your typical player either; no he was just hard to get- A complete tease. And the fact that he would volunteer to help a girl like this, was not normal. So what did Cooper Kingsley want anything to do with the bland and boring me? I was completely and utterly average. Or so I thought. So why did the devil suddenly become my guardian? Let's find out. Copyright © 2014 | All Rights Reserved | brech33se

The Devil Is My Guardian

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The Devil...
by brech33se