Hurts Like Heaven
By RickyPine
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Double trouble. No pressure. Supergirl, The Flash, Superboy, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Vibe must team with allies on Earth-2, including some of their own counterparts, to take on two worlds' worth of dangerous L-Corp bosses. As they deal with the Luthors, they must also confront their own personal life changes head-on. Barry considers moving in with Kara because he suspects she'll soon be having his child. Kara, meanwhile, is excited to meet her Earth-2 counterpart, and her dashing Daxamite boyfriend, Mon-El. As for Conner, his mental illness threatens to overtake him at every turn...but he'll soon meet someone who might help anchor him just as Barry and Kara do for each other. (Sequel to Adventure Of A Lifetime. Cover designed by @Whisperingwater.)

Chapter 1 - Can't Let Go

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Hurts Lik...
by RickyPine