One and Only
By maxinedonner
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Book 2 in The "Jandy" Romance Series The continuing romance between our heroine, Dr. Jennifer Parks, a Family Medicine Resident in Salt Lake City, Utah and Andy Robertson, an architect newly moved to the city who will likely avoid sleeping pills for the rest of his life (read book 1 to get this joke ;). Our story starts essentially where we left off: Jen and Andy have newly consummated their relationship and are beginning to explore what it means to be a couple. What can you expect from book 2? Lots of wit, humor and feminism through the eyes of a young doctor? Check. A budding romance between Andy's brother and Jen's best friend? Check. Out and proud LGBTQIA characters who live their authentic selves? Check. Medical topics such as STI screening, poverty, loneliness, sex-positivity (especially in the LGBTQ space), HIV PrEP, trans hormone therapy, birth control and domestic violence? Check. Stories of women and politics sprinkled in so that you know that the author has more on her mind than food and dick? Check and check. Oh, and lots of hot, dirty sex. checkcheckcheckcheck As always, this book is for MATURE audiences. It is chock full of swearing and totally graphic sex and all kinds of crazy medical stuff and just all around nonsense. Consider this your warning for every chapter. Explicit material herein, no other trigger warnings will be provided.

Prelude - The Scientific Method

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One and O...
by maxinedonner