Road to Summer (las...
By DemiGabs
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Summer. Friends. Fun. Hailey Walker, Kayla Abril, Dave Miller, Harper Miller- four graduates of Oak Hills High. Each wanting to bask in the freedom of summer for one last time; before they get swept away by the tidal wave of papers, exams, and social stress that is called college. Trying to ignore the fact that she'll be leaving her friends after summer to go to Brigham Young University is not an easy task. Hailey Walker is determined to make this summer her best ever. She and her best friend-Kayla- have planned a huge road trip across America that will cover many interesting, adventurous, and historic spots. However, that's not the only reason there's a big grin splattered on her face. She'll also be visiting her internet best friend of two years, Amanda Jackson. Although the two bond more than ever soon after they meet in real life for the first time, it isn't all smiles and hugs. Kayla is beginning to feel left out, and everyone knows not to mess with her attitude. But not Amanda, she innocently picks at Kayla's cool façade until there's nothing left but a scorching, seething mass of destruction. However, it isn't all Kayla's fault for being sensitive. Amanda begins to wind up her one true friend- Hailey- and she doesn't even know it. Actually, no one does. Hailey has always had a small, little, tiny crush on Harper, but she's never let her feelings get the best of her actions... at least not in the past. Drew, being the complete showoff he is, ignores his friends and instead tries his hardest to impress Amanda. It seems summer vacation isn't turning out to the way it's supposed to. As friends begin to exchange insults, snide remarks and deadly secrets the lines between truth and lie is blurred. Pride is harmed and friendships are broken. However, through the hurricane of chaos one person is still determined to sew things up. It can't be that hard of a task. After all, what harm can one summer do? cover: @luminouslyhallow

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Road to S...
by DemiGabs