The Secretary
By xandra320
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"Mr Daniels I would like you to meet Miss David." Max looked up from the memo. He saw a very pretty lady with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was very beautiful compared to other women he had met. He had his share of women but none was as beautiful as the one standing in front of him. He stood up from his seat and walked up to her and brought forth his hand. She shook his hand and he noticed that it was shaking. He noticed an electrical jolt when she shook him and she let go immediately. He assumed it was because she was nervous. He grinned when he saw she was blushing. ------------------------------------------------------------ Max Daniels is a business tycoon. He owns a big business company and is in need of a secretary. Sandra David is in need of a job that pays well. She is happy when she is offered a job in Max Dianels international corporation company. The only problem is that her boss is very hot and she cannot resist him. Max is attracted to his new secretary. Will he able to keep his policy that says no personal relationship between an employer and employee? **** This book might be trashy or uninteresting at the beginning but I assure you that the further you go the more interesting it becomes and you will feel the spark between Max and please once you start reading don't give up on it. Love Xandra.💕💕💕

Author's Note

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The Secre...
by xandra320