Dragon Heart
By Chained_Angel_
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"Can you play?" The assistant coach asked, raising his giant furry white eyebrows. "Of course," I breathed, feeling almost violated by the coach's stares as they tried to decide whether or not I'd be worth the trouble. They watched me for a few moments, before one of the boys behind me stepped up. "Coach, give her a chance. I'll train her myself for the rest of the year and over the summer." ** ** ** ** Ember Lane's parents always thought she wanted to be a professional musician, just like them. But, what happens when they're delicate, musical daughter decides she wants to play a man-dominated sport? Ember knows it won't be easy. She's a girl surrounded by boys who constantly underestimate her, bully her, and shove her around. She knows she's going to have to earn her place on the team if she wants to be a Carver High Dragon. Out of the entire team, only two of the varsity players are willing to spend the rest of her freshman year and the summer training her in the ways of football. She finds herself grasping at every available straw, especially when her life begins to crumble into nothingness. Her parent's are threatening divorce again, and this time they're serious. She faces problem after problem, but slowly, she finds herself climbing to the top to show the boys just what it means to have a Dragon's Heart.


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Dragon He...
by Chained_Angel_