Imperishable (Justi...
By AlexisIsAWeirdo
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*Spinoff and third book of Neurotic Series* Imperishable: [im-per-i-shuh-buh l] not subject to decay; indestructible; enduring forever. It's the last couple of months of senior year before best friends, Natasha and Justin go away to attend college. The two have been friends since they could remember, being inseparable without one another. With the two being almost bonded as one, they are in fact complete opposites. Natasha is extremely talkative, outgoing, and quite popularly known amongst her peers. Whereas Justin is more reserved, shy, introverted, and sadly the butt of everyone's joke. With both of them being dissimilar, it causes nothing but dislike and hatred amongst their peers, as well as having tension between both of their families. Though what happens when the hostility from others becomes too much to bare? Will they continue to ignore it? Or will they realize that they are too incompatible to be friends any longer? Their friendship will be put to the ultimate test, and their lives will hold all of what storm is to come when family secrets begin to spill over into their lives. "Some friendships last forever; I guess we weren't meant to be forever." "Or maybe we were meant to be forever." Copyright © 2017 Alexis W. All Rights Reserved.


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by AlexisIsAWeirdo