Winning His Heart
By Nenerh1
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"I don't fit into your world." shouting back. The tears that I caused rolled down her flushed faced. "Elaina stop saying that. Why must you continue to doubt what we have?" stepping closer to her but she backs away. "Because it's the truth. Why can't you see that? It was doomed before it started." crying out. Pulling her closer to me I hug her tightly wanting to take her doubt about us away. "Please stop doubting my feelings for you." whispering above her ear. "How can I not when I was sent this...?" pulling away she shoves her cell in my face. My eyes widen at the picture and I become speechless. "Elaina, I can explain." rushing my words but I know no amount of explanations can save me. "I believed in you... in us. But it was all a lie... just like what you claimed we have." turning around she ran out the room leaving me there astounded. I screwed up... and I have a feeling that I will never get her back. Miles Declan is a reknown singer and actor. In and out of bad relationships, he is labeled a Playboy. With his career taking a hit because of his reputation, his team tries to restore it. A country wide Contest was created to win a date with him. With thousands of entries sent it, the painful task of choosing one lucky lady becomes overwhelming. Until he meets Elaina Rivera... who ends up changing his whole world around.

Chapter 1: The Contest...

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Winning H...
by Nenerh1