In love with a Yaku...
By MonkeyMagik
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Blair Vanvoreen just turned 16 started her high school! her grandfather who has been looking after her for so long has a final wish. One day after school avoiding a big fight with a gang she runs into Hunter Suzuki the bad boy 21 year old who happens to not only injure her but save her. Cursing, he runs away leaving Blair confused at their fated meeting! Blair goes home to find a group of men in black standing outside her small house. Scared, she tries to run into her house to ask her grandfather is something wrong. But finds him drinking with an old friend of his and of course Hunter too! and they have a proposal in mind for her! With that proposal in mind not only does she get married at the age of 16, but manages to find many obstacles along the way. Secrets unraveled and a shocking revelation of having a child? so what is Blair to do? does her growing hate for Hunter continue? or is she slowly falling In love with a Yakuza...


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In love w...
by MonkeyMagik