The New Girl (A Div...
By DauntlessCakeBaby
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Tris is LA's "It Girl". She is one of the biggest pop singers, with famous parents, and brother. But she had a life back in Chicago with her three best friends, Zekey, Uri and Toby. When it's time to come home to Chicago, she enrolls in the local high school...which could be the biggest mistake of her life, or the best thing that could happen to her. First book of The Divergent High series. No this isn't a book where Tris gets pregnant in high school or cheating because I think that's cliche. (But no offense if you have that in your book or you like that stuff) Rated PG-13 due to mild language and very little inappropriate content. Started October 15, 2017 Completed June 8, 2018 Sorry that the first couple chapters are short and super cringey! It gets better! #24/ 1000+ Divergent books (wattys 2018)


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The New G...
by DauntlessCakeBaby