Rise Above ✓
By vee_ano
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There's something killing the alphas around Maviz, planet of the werewolves. Dallas Crane is the best and number one officer in the Peace Force and Investigation Team - he loathes that his omega status makes people want to walk all over him and so he takes it as a challenge to anyone on a higher status. Then he meets Markus Rowan and the younger alpha seems to bring out the omega just begging to be free from within him. Brendon McKelly wants every alpha on the planet to die in a hole. In fact, he would personally stab and gut every single alpha if he could and this fact doesn't really make him a good candidate for the recent happenings in Maviz seeing that he works as the right-hand of the Chief Medical examiner in the hospital. But Spencer Smith is adamant to prove to him that not all alphas are THAT bad. Tom Hanson is just your average omega, going through life day by day in a boring, monotonous routine until Chris ends up on the doorstep of his isolated home in the north while he's on the brunt of his heat. Chris doesn't remember anything but his name and flashes of a lab and other things that don't make sense but over time; Tom realizes that this strange alpha might just be the key to what exactly is out there killing alphas and perhaps also the key to his heart. - Copyright © 2014 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.


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Rise Abov...
by vee_ano