Snowed In(manxman)
By conleyswifey
  • Romance
  • blizzard
  • healing
  • manxman
  • snowedin
  • temptation


***This story is Manxman and it is rated R for sexual content! If you are bothered by that then please do not read. I will not tolerate any ignoramous comments about how wrong it is. You have been warned so simply back away slowly or turn and run like hell but do not message me in disgust or complaint if you choose to read and see something you don't want to! **** Will is running from more than just the man who held him prisoner, he is running from the memories, the pain, the knowledge of what he's been made to do and the way he's been used. Running away at night seemed the logical choice until he found himself running straight into a blizzard and realized that he'd die of cold out there alone--but at least he would die free. Turner has all he wants in his sanctuary up in the mountains. His horse, his mule and his trust coonhound, Beaux, are the only company he desires. Three years he'd been alone and tried telling himself that he was content but all that changes the day he finds a dying man in a snow bank. Neither of these men were looking for love but what better way to make fate laugh than to talk about your own plans... and there's just something that happens, some magic in the air, when it's Christmas time, you're fighting attractions and you find yourself snowed in.

Snowed In

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Snowed In...
by conleyswifey