Fragrance: Ambrosia...
By MegumiHime_
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An original otome game story. *** She was a spirit. Born from an antique and mysterious perfume. Her name was Ambrosia. One day, a noble girl bought the perfume and naturally, she was brought along with it as well. But when the girl used the perfume, it happened. [Commencing possession of the host] [Possession 10% complete] And Ambrosia had a glimpse of the girl's, now her host, future. It was a bad end. And if the girl dies... Ambrosia would die as well. Ambrosia only wanted a peaceful life, away from the bad end. She clearly told the prince that she did not want to be his fiancee. But why does he keep on insisting for her to be his princess? She clearly told the commoner that she is not interested in him. But why does he keep on flirting with her at every turn? She clearly told the brooding upperclassman that she is not good at duets. But why does he keep on pestering her to practice with him? And when she thought that surely the popular marquis is only being nice to her like he is with everyone else, but what was that kiss on the cheek he just gave her? Please stop harassing this innocent spirit!


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by MegumiHime_