The Secret to Summer
By JordanLynde
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It's Chloe May's last summer as a college student and she's ready to live it up with her friends... at the sleep away summer camp where they've all applied to work. Knowing this will probably be the last year they will be able to get together like this, it's a bittersweet time. The idea of her future is intimidating and she just wants to have one last chance to live carefree and unrestrained. All of them will be moving on to greater things in the coming year and Chloe isn't sure she's ready to do that, but with an opportunity for her dream job offered to her, she needs to come to a decision during the summer. But, of course, it's not all work and no play. There is some room to have fun and mingle with the other counselors, including a one incredibly handsome Arden Beckett. Falling in love is last on Chloe's list of things to do, especially considering her daunting future, but can she resist his charm and cheesy jokes? Can she overcome the want to freeze time in its place? Could he become a pillar to rely on? Join Chloe's journey in finding herself, a last minute love, and the secret to summer.

Chapter One

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The Secre...
by JordanLynde