P.A.M. Syndrome (Po...
By Suca4books13
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(Warning: Sexual Content) "Get on the bed NOW!" He said, backing me up against the wall. "W-W-What?" I stuttered like a fool. Instead of replying, he pushed me down on the bed roughly and began kissing me on my neck. I let out a small moan of pleasure, but realized where this would lead to if we continued. "Noah, we have to stop." I groaned, pushing him away from me. He growled and pinned my arms above my head. "You're mine and only mine. The only person that will ever touch, kiss, or look at you is me. Now, I hope you're ready because you're about to feel the best pleasure you've ever had in you're life." He said into my ear. It was only seconds before I felt his mouth on my pu....... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yasmine was a werewolf who attended Jackson River High School. She wasn't one of those girls who looked like they got gang banged by Crayola. Neither was she a nerd. She was just a normal, bossy girl who had lots of curves. Noah, on the other hand, is the bad boy of the town. He's the Alpha of the Blood Pool pack and he hates to be bossed around. What will happen when he finds out that his mate is no other than Yasmine August, a girl who's very bossy, sarcastic, and stubborn? Well, let's just say that you're in for one hell of a ride!


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P.A.M. Sy...
by Suca4books13