In Front of Them (L...
By missingstylinson14
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Harry could tell he was upset. He denied it, but Harry knew, Harry always knew. He wanted to comfort him, but couldn't take the chance of someone seeing and it putting their relationship through even more. "What's wrong?" Harry whispered, hoping no one would notice. He worried more as he saw the tears well up in Louis' eyes. He could count on one hand the amount of times he's seen louis cry before now. He's always so strong. "Please," Louis whimpered as a tear escaped. Harry was about to ask what he meant, but stopped himself, he knew. "Louis. You know I want to, so much, but I can't. We can't. They'll kill us, we'll loose our jobs. You always say-" "Please," Louis cut him off, touching his arm slightly. The older boy knew exactly what he was doing and how this simple gesture would affect the younger lad. "Please just kiss me."


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In Front...
by missingstylinson14