Maze Academy
By NightsStolen
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After the revelation of vampires in the human world, society has been forced to integrate and accommodate its newest supernatural player, constructing laws and schools to normalize the seemingly mythological of a decade's past. Katrina Maze, a Day Class student in the vampire-mortal integrated school Cordia Academy, coexists alongside her Night Class dorm mates, living a normal life and caring only for her Night Class boyfriend and half-mortal best friend, Bobby and Chloe. It isn't until the rebellious Katrina sneak off school grounds that she begins to suspect more of the vampire species than what has been revealed to her, Chloe and her attacked by a more powerful vampire than ever imagined. Forced into the ominous Change and confronted with the mysterious appearance of the Academy's latest professor, Mr. Dravin, Katrina must address the truth behind the startling visions of her best friend and the eerie memories of a long-forgotten and entirely powerful soul which threaten to end her life.

Chapter One

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Maze Acad...
by NightsStolen