Skies In Your Eyes...
By taegenfairchild
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Timothy Casper is a shy bookworm who is only emotionally vulnerable with his twin sister, Colette. He can't stand being around people, he'd rather read than talk, and only speaks if he has something to contribute to the conversation. He even has problems at home that the Casper twins rarely discuss. However close Timothy may be with his twin, there's still one thing she doesn't know about, that no one knows about. Elijah Cartwright. Timothy shouldn't look and admire him the way he does, he shouldn't be thinking about him and staring at him in English class. And he didn't mean to stare at him that long, but he had to, he was so beautiful. And he wished he hadn't looked at him, because he was caught. And nothing was the same after that. Timothy wasn't the same after that.

Chapter 1

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Skies In...
by taegenfairchild