White Lily - A Pete...
By longlivepeterpan
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Book #2/#3 - a sequel to "White Rose". "You're nothing to me," I spat and instead of throwing the venom, it felt like I was the one drinking it, my throat burning and mimicking my rage. The glistening of tears in my eyes seem to be oblivious to my knowledge, a single one rolling down my cheek. "I want you to stay away from me." "Serena, please -" "Leave me alone." With my chest closing in, I clenched my jaw and turned on my heels, shoving my hands into my cream trench coat. And just like that, I walked away from the boy I loved. --- After waking up in the Underworld, Serena's memories resurface and so does the horrible lies told by Peter Pan. With her beloved, too, ending up in the hellish place, things become more complicated and uneasy as they're forced to spend eternity in a supernatural purgatory forever: Serena doesn't want anything to do with Pan...or so she thinks. And Pan doesn't just want her back: he wants to leave the Underworld, no matter the cost. White Lily is a sequel to my first book, White Rose. I can't believe the love White Rose has gotten so I do hope you all cherish this one as much as the first!!

Chapter 1

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White Lil...
by longlivepeterpan