The Forgotten Zodia...
By Weiss_Schnee
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At the beginning of time, God sent word to all the animals in his kingdom - the intelligent Rat, the honest Ox, the valiant Tiger, the compassionate Rabbit, the excitable Dragon, the perceptive Snake, the cheerful Horse, the kind-hearted Sheep, the quick-witted Monkey, the ambitious Rooster, the straightforward Dog, the gallant Boar, the headstrong Cat, and the beautiful Fox. Years flew by and the fox was forgotten - held down by her natural enemy until the day she becomes known to the world as the long forgotten zodiac. Burdened with this secret, she seeks out the other members of the Zodiac curse, beginning her search with nothing more than the school district they attend. With an even darker secret behind the mask, she aims to find the other cast-off Zodiac animal, hoping to uncover the reason behind their horrifying lives. ----- This story is updated irregularly, as my personal life prevents me from working diligently on updates.

The Forgotten Zodiac: Legend Has It...

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The Forgo...
by Weiss_Schnee