moonlight | c.r [2]
By -angryfeminist
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❝Every look, every touch, Makes me wanna give you my heart.❞ Sydney \syd-ney\ "wide island" Sydney-Marie Evans' life has a few constant factors. Her brother, Axl, is always by her side, her small group of friends appreciate and care for her, her fans are supportive and welcoming, her boyfriend loves her. And though her home life is not the best- a workaholic father plus an emotionally distant mother usually equals a pretty torn apart family- it's become a routine. Seeing her dad a couple times every few months and avoiding her mother's fake smiles, preferring to live with her brother instead of staying with her parents. Tension filled dining rooms and awkward silences when her brother isn't there. Those are constant things in her life, a routine, even if it's a bad one. So, when a sudden divorce shakes the ground from right under her feet, can she stay standing? Can her boyfriend, sibling, and friends be enough to keep her grounded? [social media] [book two of two] [started: march 3rd 2017] [finished: january 7th 2018]


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by -angryfeminist