Elise Runs and Doro...
By MissMysteryGame
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A dark romance that grows up--and grows stranger--with each installment. On the run in a strange world after pirates kill her parents, Elise plows into Dorothy Blainwick, a young and powerful witch with a monster inside her. Like fire and water, the two have to learn to get along as they try to escape the law, ancient magic, and their own prejudices. However, there's something that neither one accounts for. While Elise runs and runs, Dorothy falls, in love. From steampunk, to urban fantasy, to high fantasy and magical realism, the series "Elise & Dorothy" traverses genres with a keen interest in strong characters and meaningful drama. The road: unreal worlds conquered by the stranger human body. The destination: the center of the human heart and the fringe of the human mind. ~ ~ This is Book 1 in the series "Elise & Dorothy". This book, and the entire series, is Wattpad-exclusive! All stories are out! ~ ~ *Wattpad Featured, July 2017* *Wattpad Editors' Pick, December 2020* High Ranks: #3 Steampunk, #6 Epic Fantasy, #5 Transgender, #4 Witch

Chapter 1

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Elise Run...
by MissMysteryGame