The Zombie Propheci...
By sigrist
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This is a collection of the three novels that make up The Zombie Prophecies series. Book 1: First Light (Complete!) Book 2: Crusade (Complete!) Book 3: Rebirth (Complete!) First Light: Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately but not everything is as it seems in this cosmic zombie story. After Donovan's bitten, his boyfriend Jasper lies about it to protect him, is it a misguided attempt at chivalry or could Jasper know more than he's letting on? Suspicious of her friends, Vicky makes a valiant attempt at getting home to her daughter with Noah and tempers flare as they deal with their own set of secrets. And in the middle of it all, a tower with a red beacon that calls out to survivors. Crusade: Six months after the end of the world our survivors find themselves scattered and dealing with the apocalypse in different ways. Friendships and alliances will be tested as new threats reveal themselves. Beasts are hiding in every shadow, a group called the Ragers is tormenting the countryside and a mysterious one-eyed woman is leaving messages everywhere telling people to come to the mountains and "Join the Crusade!" Rebirth: Seven years after the events of Crusade, most of the zombies have rotted away but the ones who remain have... changed. In a world that's more lush, more vibrant, and more dangerous than ever, humans are still managing to thrive in small colonies across the Greenlands. East of the mountains, however, are the mysterious and wild Deadlands but the Crusade remains ever vigilant, holding back the beasts who still threaten humanity's survival.


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The Zombi...
by sigrist