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By AnonymousMe91
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*Ranked #25 in fear(18-5-18)* *Ranked #62 in angst(18-5-18)* *Ranked #327 in FANFICTION(12-4-17)* Khushi is hell scared of ASR since childhood.All thanks to Arnav's jealousy and his obsession to stay on the top. What happens when the very same ASR falls in love with the girl whom he hated and envied since his childhood? What happens when the very same fear he inflicted in her mocks him right on his face every time he tries to make her believe in his love? What happens when one day he realizes his love may never be requited? Possessiveness resurfaces, force erupts...he goes to any length to keep her with him afterall she is Mrs.Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada and wife ought to stay with her husband, period! _____ My Best Story so far. Not me but my readers say this :P The Arnav in this story is going to give tough time not only to Khushi but to readers as well. One moment you will love him and the other , you will be forced to feel otherwise. You will cry with him and then you will feel enraged on him all over again. Khushi in this story is going to bother you the same way. She will make you sympathize with her and then she will irritate you too. She will make you feel lonely along with her and then she will frustrate you too.Yeah! A few chapters will be private, so if you want to read it uninterrupted then follow me and don't forget to VOTE on each part:) _____ (New Cover by @AngellicDoll) DO NOT COPY!


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Dillagi (...
by AnonymousMe91