In The Clear (Seque...
By forever_emison
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Alison is back in her hometown to finish out her last 2 months of high school, alongside newly found friend Hanna Marin and of course, Emily Fields. Emily, a member of the Havoc Riders is new to a public high school where nobody knows what the Havoc Riders are. She isn't used to the different status at the school and she certainly isn't used to not having the club by her side. With Aric and Jessica getting a start on their relationship, new ones begin to bud. New loves, new friends, new enemies and new drama. Join the gang as they finish out high school and start a new chapter of their lives. College. What will college life bring to the table? Will Alison and Emily be able to pull through or was it not such a happy ending after all?

New Beginnings

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In The Cl...
by forever_emison