Walmart Boy (h.s)
By WeTukAChonce_
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"My name is Harry, nice to meet you mamacita," he looked me up and down before grabbing my hand and shaking it. My arm flopped like a flimsy noodle as he shook my hand quickly and firmly. "The name is Maria. Not mami, not mamacita, not 'yo'," I deadpanned, referring to the names he had called me earlier. I cautiously pulled my hand away from his tattooed one as he smirked before saying, "Got it Mami Maria," before taking his black lip ring between his teeth. +++ A book in which a woman meets a beautiful man, who just so happens to annoy her in the least bit and he just so happens to work at Walmart. Except he doesn't actually work at Walmart... Rather he's an undercover bodyguard, working to protect her from the mafia that's after her family. But what you don't know doesn't hurt you, right? Started on: February 26th, 2017 Completed on: August 5th, 2017 Highest Rank: #543 in Humour, #691 in Fanfiction All rights reserved and protected under the copyright laws.

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Walmart B...
by WeTukAChonce_