The Mockingbird[EDI...
By sooethydrop
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***This story is undergoing major editing.*** ____________________ "My favorite bird? Well the Mockingbird, obviously." He shrugged playing with the cigarette between his fingers. Summer stared at him then up at the night sky," Why?" "Because," Emmett said without looking up, "They represent innocence." ____________________ ____________________ We have an orphan, an awfully enthusiastic father, a punk and a basketcase. Who would've thought these four would be on a journey of a life time. 14 year-old Summer Walter wasn't too thrilled on getting adopted-again. Nor was she expecting that she'd last longer than a few months. She has to deal with her overly enthusiastic father, her older brother who clearly hates her and the strange neighbors next door. Will she get used to her new family? Or will she end up going back to the orphanage? Find out in The Mockingbird. Story by @Summer_Walter Editing by @Complex_Beast All Rights Reserved. The Mockingbird @Summer_Walter


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The Mocki...
by sooethydrop