Picture Perfect (O...
By bry967
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Eren is the new transfer student, he is also an unmated Omega who has found his mate to be Levi Rivaille Ackerman, an alpha who seems to be out of his league. What will happen when Levi's inner Alpha makes him go into a rut, and he has to give into what his alpha wants.. Will Eren give into this sexy horny Alpha mate of his, or will Levi's pride break his heart?... I hope you like it I've been working on this for so long. It's my favorite one!! Oh and there will be a ton of smut later on in the story.... I'm just kidding there is slight smut in the beginning but not much. Don't worry. Oh and this may end up being a short story.

Part 1.1 - Anesthesia

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Picture P...
by bry967