Kidnapped by My Bro...
By LineEskildsen
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My Name is Line. I live with my brother Mark also known as Markiplier on youtube. He is the best and sweetest brother that anyone could ever get ;3 He is always there for me. When i have problems in school and everything has just turned to shit... I know he'll be there, and comfort me. He is the one i talk to when i feel like cutting and i feel and i feel worthless or just feel like complete shit XD (this story does not include self harm or depressive materials! and if i do put it in i will put a warning) because he never fail to cheer me up and he always make me feel better :-) And if i have girl problems, that i can't talk with Mark about... I go to Amy, she is like a sister to me, she's the best ;3 I'm really glad that She and Mark are together, and are happy :) I was walking home from school when i suddenly got the feeling of something... following me... I know stupid right? XD It was probably just a feeling, i was just imagining things, right? Or was i... ;-) Though I had no idea that in the end... something so like this could happen... something so amazing...

Chapter 1: The Voice

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by LineEskildsen