Gamer Girl Problems
By BubblyPenguin
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** REVISED VERSION: HIATUS ** If there's one thing Bridget Jenkins can't stand, it'd be the overly sexist views guys seem to hold nowadays towards female gamers. To Bridget, it seems as if she can't do anything videogame-related without having some guy criticize her for not being in the kitchen. So, determined to leave behind those overly sexist thoughts and to prove to them that, yes, girls can in fact videogame, Bridget signs up for the Battle Ground Championship-and immediately finds out that out of the pool of five hundred applicants, she is one of the only females. Rarely having female competitors, boys flock to Bridget like bees would to flowers-well, almost every boy. There's one exception, and that's Brayden Coleman: five-time Battle Ground Champion. With his overly sexist views on women and videogames, it isn't too surprising that he and Bridget aren't friends. But Bridget, determined to prove Brayden wrong and to show him that she can, in fact, be just as good as him, Bridget vows to win the competition and kick that arrogant ass of his. Now throw in a heartthrob, a jaw-dropping realization, two crazy best friends, and girl problems, and what do you get? Gamer girl problems. Copyright © 2013 BubblyPenguin

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by BubblyPenguin