The Cursed Book (On...
By somiwtp
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Highest rank #1 in cursedbook. "Lips red as blood, Hair black as night. Bring me your heart, My dear dear Snow White." ________________________________________________ "Its a long story...." Mrs. Wilson trailed off, examining Janette's perfectly carved face. "Then tell me." Janette answered while lowering her head onto her mother's lap. Gloria caressed her daughter's head and stared off into the night sky, jeweled with the sparkling stars, visible through the curtains. "Where do I start?" Gloria asked. "How about the beginning?" Janette responded. ---------------------------------------------------- Janette Wilson is an 18 year old girl full of life and vivacity. All her life she thought her father died in the army. Like a hero. But did he really? Or was that just a lie fed by her mother to keep something very deep, very sinister, away from Janette? Her life starts tumbling down the moment she finds the book -- the book her mother is afraid of. She calls it 'The Cursed Book'. Join Janette for a life threatening, and enthralling adventure into The Cursed Book. Do you have what it takes to face the Unfortunate Fairytale?


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The Curse...
by somiwtp