The Wakeful Wandere...
By JimInfantino
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Now on Smashwords - find out more at In the parlor of the Lester Sunshine Inn, up the Hudson from the flooded remains of lower Manhattan, a young man plans a unicycle ride through scenic New New England. This is Marto Boxter's sixth such ride. Marto is a post-apocalyptic travel writer with a head full of implants. He likes to live-post his experiences to his fans, adding his own cheerleading style of historical and cultural context to the mix. His interconnected followers rarely go anywhere, preferring to view the world remotely through their implants, making Marto a curiosity. Before he leaves the comfort of his home in Reverside, he meets a mysterious traveler named Helen who carries a secret message from his mother. Thinking his mother and father dead, Marto is abruptly flooded with memories of unfamiliar parents, throwing him into confusion. He pedals away, but his past and Helen eventually catch up to him and he must choose to live a lie or go into exile. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing back at home. A spy from a traditionalist enclave bent on reviving the good old days of pre-technological capitalist glory has infiltrated Reverside. She has the means to launch an attack that will break the bonds holding the interconnected humans together. Little does she know how powerful her enemy has become. THE WAKEFUL WANDERER'S GUIDE TO NEW NEW ENGLAND is a darkly humorous reflection of our changing world as our relationship with technology becomes increasingly intimate. #WATTYS2017 Winner! - Newcomer's Category Oohrah's 2017 Winner! - Post-Apocalyptic Category Highest ranking #39 in Science Fiction Final version available on Smashwords:


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The Wakef...
by JimInfantino