The Wakeful Wandere...
By JimInfantino
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#WATTYS2017 Winner! - Newcomer's Category Oohrah's 2017 Winner! - Post-Apocalyptic Category Highest ranking #39 in Science Fiction Marto Boxter cannot stop thexting. He sends messages to his friends, not with his phone but with his mind. This technological telepathy accelerates social interactions between the people he knows, minimizing the need for speech. Marto is a travel writer. He live-posts his journeys for his followers, who prefer to stay put and view the world only through their implants. Riding his neural-connected unicycle from town to town, Marto becomes aware that his own history is a blank. Large parts of his memory are missing, and his past is steadily tracking him down. In the aftermath of severe climate change, 80 years from now, his is one of only a few surviving cultures. Powerful Traditionalist families struggle to revive a pre-technological way of life to the former United States. Raiding gangs under their employ subjugate the increasingly dry farms and towns of the American Midwest. The interconnected tribes along the coasts, populated by technologically augmented people like Marto, live a life of constant communication, where one's worth is a calculation of one's perceived generosity. Because they do not speak and defend their communities with deadly precision, the Traditionalists call them xombies. Barnabas Yoniver IV, the leader of a Luddite town near the sunken remains of Atlantic City, has a plan to destroy these xombies once and for all. With an attack imminent, the misfit daughter of a Traditionalist family going by the name of Helen, races to find Marto to deliver secret information that will change both of their lives forever. This is the first novel in a series. It is a dark and sometimes funny reflection of our ever quickening connection to each other, and raises the question of what it means to be genuinely human. If you are enjoying this series, please consider supporting it at


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The Wakef...
by JimInfantino