His Other Woman (In...
By NicoleMckoy
  • Romance
  • adults
  • african-american
  • baby
  • cheating
  • interracial
  • love
  • marriage
  • mistress


Nadia is an ambitious lawyer working toward becoming partner. She has a pretty amazing life aside from her love life. Nadia has been seeing her coworker Ryan for a while and wish they could take things to the next level but there is one thing stopping them. Ryan is married to her best friend Keri. Ryan is a successful lawyer with a huge problem. Ryan has been carrying on a secret affair with his wife’s best friend for sometime. What started out as a one-night stand turned into a whole side relationship that produced a child. Ryan wants to be there for Nadia and their child but with his wife pregnant he is stick in an unbearable position. (This story will be told in Nadia and Ryan’s points of view.)

His Other Woman (Interracial Adult Romance)

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His Other...
by NicoleMckoy