Saving Who?
By seemah870
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She seeked solace in kneading dough and icing tiers of cakes, but Katherina Baker was given an ultimatum by her parents. Choose a career that they wanted her to pursue, or leave. Her grandmother stood by her side and guided her every step of the way. Until they received news about her brother and a certain green-eyed devil who had enlisted in the NAVY years before. Talen Noah Parker wanted to break out of his spoiled life. So he enlists with the NAVY with his best friend. Heartbroken to be leaving the "love of his life" behind, he starts writing emails to her and falls even more in love with her. He just doesn't know it isn't who he thinks it is.... When an accident happens and he's forced to come back, will he find out the truth?

Saving Who?

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Saving Wh...
by seemah870