A Curse of Luck
By xXsweetmisery10Xx
  • Teen Fiction
  • demon
  • fantasty
  • kidnapped
  • romance
  • slave


For as long as Whitney can remember her family has had rotton luck. Nothing extremely unluccy happens like death, just a series of small bad foture. From her new car breaking down after one day. Her father losing his job after breaking his leg. Her mother always missplacing everything from keys to money. This was the just they way of the world for the Rose family. But true bad luck was about to hit Whitney. It's a normal night for 18 year old Whitney. That is until she encounters an injured "wsasted guy". Whitney, feeling sorry for the guy tries to help however Whitney has horrible luck, both she and the "Wasted Guy" end up getting kidnapped and taken to a different world. What for? Well Whitney soon finds out that the wasted guy is more than he even knows. This is a story of their journey together in trying to get back home to their world, but do they really belong there? Will this adventure bring these two strangers together or pit them against one another? Read to find out.

A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (1)

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A Curse o...
by xXsweetmisery10Xx