Zombie Country (Zom...
By Vampirehunter93
  • Horror
  • action
  • drama
  • hoffman
  • samantha
  • thriller
  • zombie
  • zombies


Twenty year old college student Madison resides at a school that has been converted into a temporary fortress in an attempt to outlast the zombie apocalypse. As the remaining survivors battle not only hordes of the undead but other survivors as well, things quickly begin to unravel. Supply shortages, fears, and unruly soldiers threaten to tear the survivors apart from the inside, but things are held together by Specialist Aaron Monroe. When tragedy strikes their safe haven, Madison and a small group of survivors are forced out onto the streets of New York with few supplies, little hope, and numerous enemies all around them. Their plan to survive the zombie apocalypse is a dangerous one that leaves members of the group in doubt, but with no other options available to them, the group fights to secure a brighter future for themselves, battling zombies and facing other dangers along the way. Recommend for 16+

Chapter One

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Zombie Co...
by Vampirehunter93