Be My Bad Boy (BWWM)
By KassandraVivu
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Be My Bad Boy Be My Man, Be My weekend lover( ha just kidding) but don't be my friend. (seriously, don't be my friend) Rosemary has a plan but she needs a bad boy for it. She can't let anyone ruin her plan, not even the bad boy himself. But what is the reason That Rosemary a young billionaire who is antisocial and an osteologist, Forensic anthropologist want with a Bad Boy? Well, there's a spooky reason behind it all, let's just say the world is never what it seems. Jamison wasn't expecting any of this, heck he just wanted to know why he was set up until Rosemary came and offer him, well more like force him into being her bad boy. But what's her reason? What could a young successful beautiful black woman want with a White boy who is seen as white trash? Read and find out BWWM -Rated & Ranking #209 Twist out of 620 stories #73 Homicide #73/189 #7 Deadpeople #7/20 #792 Conflict #792/1.5K :)

CH. 1 Am I your bad boy?

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Be My Bad...
by KassandraVivu