Mine ( A G Herbo Lo...
By Katherine_Ingram
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"Lately things feeling kinda distant seem like we fallin' apart huh Why you fill my head with the bullshit Can't you tell that I put my all in this How you stop yo feelings so quick? Cause you wanna fuck around with anotha bitch Keep it real, do you really think its worth it Ask yourself does she really deserve this So hurt and lost inside bro She a hoe you a hoe you deserve her" One of Chicago's well-known upcoming rapper Katherine Honesty Destiny Monroe better known as Katy Gzz or No Limit Kay has faced many obstacles in life, some that she still has yet to overcome. Growing up in Chiraq was never easy. People dying left and right, you lose and you gain some every fucking day! When you from the city Katy is from, folks tend to believe the only way out was playing ball or selling dope. We grew up embracing the saying "Kill or Be Killed". Katy moved out of Chiraq to LA once her music started being played everywhere, she left because she couldn't handle the knowledge of losing so many loved ones, Kobe, Capo, G Fazo and Roc were many of the few whose deaths impacted her the most, those were her brothers how could she forget em? Everybody she knew was either booked or had to stay behind that trigger to put food on the table. Throughout all the mist she lost her self, she is as cold as ever. She has not seen her brothers and they Og's in a min and even though she misses them, she wouldn't admit to herself that he was one of the main reasons why she was debating on not going back to the Raq, he was the one that broke her and acted like she was just one of the basic hoes on his list. One of her brothers reach out to her with news she wasn't expecting which led her to come back to the Raq to see for herself. Little did she know that it wasn't going to be just a little visit, her brothers did not plan on letting her go anywhere this time! Follow Katherine on her journey to finding herself and reuniting with people she never thought she would fuck with again.


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Mine ( A...
by Katherine_Ingram