Game Recognize Game
By theycallmee_nae
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Nobody has a perfect life, and especially not in the hood. At the age of six Ebony Fenty, was brought to California with her brother and mother. Her family came from the islands to find a place in America, but with no money or family to turn to, they quickly saw the American dream wasn't all it was caked up to be. With their mother going into prostitution and having men in and out, that soon became apart of their life. Twelve years later, Ebony is a dime piece who strips at 'Rough Riders'. On the side though, she works for her brother, as a set up woman. With the body of a vixen, a smile of an angel, and a heart of gold, she's any mans desire. Sad part is all of the men in her life, have done nothing but abuse and hurt her. One fateful night, she robs a member of the St.Nickolas Crew, who are the number one drug connects in the U.S. and quickly finds herself in a tornado of trouble. She is now in debt to the green eyed monster, Nikko. The dealer of all the southern states, and a very dangerous man, who has his own past full of conflict, pain, and death. Never would they have thought their paths connected in more ways then business, but they soon find themselves in a frenzy of feelings, bonds, and temptation. Will the cold-hearted, help the broken-hearted, and will the abused be able to heal one another? Slow and steady wins the race, but in the hood you could die on the chase. Follow the tale of danger, love, and dishonor. It's all about Game Recognizing Game!

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Game Reco...
by theycallmee_nae