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By sheri16
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❇ Book Two ❇ ♥ The Rejected Mate Series ♥ ◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼ Skylar Hunter has had a twisted life. One she cannot get her head around. Home life is the best. Loving parents and younger siblings and a pack that adores her. But school life? Her twin brother's make it their daily mission to ruin everything. And on top of that a mate that is a man whore and a psychotic stalker? What is a girl to do? But the truth will set you free. Skylar discovers things that no normal werewolf girl, should never be involved in. Only question is? Will she receive the happy ending, she's always wanted? ◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻◼◻ ◀ A/N: Hello! I've been going back over my works and discovered that, they need some major editing. Nothing to big, just grammar issue. Please bare with me while I fix my 16 year old self mistakes. Thank you! ▶ ©Copyright2014: Anyone caught stealing the contents, characters or storyline, will be held accountable for any legal action taken against them.

Never Again!!!

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Never Aga...
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