Daughter of Darkness
By RKPriest
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#161 in Fantasy~ In a land where magic belongs solely to the gods, Talia Kinsley struggles to hide the unpredictable power that her younger sister Willow seems to have been cursed with. Powers, that if discovered, could get her killed. So when men show up at their home, knowing of Willow's power and take her to Fairhaven, the royal city, Talia has no choice but to follow, prepared to do anything to free her sister. But once there, the Royal Council reveals that Willow has been blessed by the goddess Melora herself, and is destined to rule Lumor as it's queen. Having no place in Willow's new royal life, Talia is cast aside and joins the new recruits of the royal army, refusing to leave her sister at the mercy of the Council. Struggling with being the only female in the recruits and protecting a sister who now wants nothing to do with her, Talia must unravel the secrets of the darkness lurking in the castle and find a way to stop the necromancer on the hunt for her sister. Finding unexpected allies like the charming Captain DeGray and Hale Rennick, a fellow recruit determined to help her, Talia begins a fight, not just for her sister's life and soul, but for the fate of the whole kingdom. The beautiful cover was done by SweetComplexity!

Chapter 1

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by RKPriest