The Vale Beast  by RyanJersey
The Vale Beast by RyanJersey
So yeah, this came to me like 10 seconds ago and now it's a thing, that's the best description I can give.
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Zodiac rp | My version | by 3IHaveMANYfandomsE
Zodiac rp | My version |by Cirstmirs
cause I felt like making one don't judge
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Zodiac High school! by Milky_eyeballs
Zodiac High school!by MIlky eyeballs
As the new school year starts,the twelve zodiacs attend high schools,as the year unfolds so do new thrills and excitement for the teens,but with school also comes drama!
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Zodiac Facts by AnimeKing2700
Zodiac Factsby 👊✌💖Ashish👍👌✊✌👊
Basically certain facts about the signs. Hope this inspires @ReversedGalaxy22 to create stories of her own.
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Creepypasta Zodiacs  by Pray-For-The-Wicked
Creepypasta Zodiacs by does a flip and dies
Stuff and things and Creepypasta
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Deltarune Zodiac by Ink_Note
Deltarune Zodiacby Ink Note
Cause why not. I'll also talk about different tarot cards and characters (if your curious on what your card is. just look up your birthday.) Sound good? Ok let's start! ...
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Creepypasta Zodiac Signs. by SMRainbowFactory
Creepypasta Zodiac Signs.by Sexy Candycane~
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The Next Prophecy (Gravity Falls Continues!) by XxButterflyGirlxX0
The Next Prophecy (Gravity Falls C...by XxButterfly GirlxX
The the summer ended Bill was 'Gone'. The journals went to the bottomless pit. Who found them? Why is there now a second wheel on the Zodiac. Perhaps, you should read...
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Taurus-Zodiac Sign by AnimeKing2700
Taurus-Zodiac Signby 👊✌💖Ashish👍👌✊✌👊
One of my best friends is a Taurus so I decided to make a book out of it for her! Hope you Enjoy!!! Dedicated to @ReversedGalaxy22!!!
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( 12 chòm sao) Thanh Xuân: Yêu by SOD-aCream
( 12 chòm sao) Thanh Xuân: Yêuby SOD-aCream
Thanh xuân ngắn ngủi, họ đã trao hết tình cảm cho nửa kia. Sống trong tình yêu học đường họ lớn lên với hạnh phúc. 12 con người, 12 tính cách khác nhau cùng đi tìm tình...
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by DeathMetalLily
Creepypasta Zodiacsby 🌵 ~ḶḭḶẏ Ṯḧḕ ḊṏḶḶ ṁḀḲḕṙ~ 🌵
Wonder who you are , what do you do, and why do things happen to you in the amazing Creepypasta world? Based on your zodiacs? Then this is a right book for you! See who...
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Deltarune Zodiacs by howtotalktopeople101
Deltarune Zodiacsby shOOk
Hey, what up, this book might contain spoilers, if you are still interested in reading, then I will give you a heads up about a spoiler! That's it. -Signed Howtotalktope...
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•●•Zodiac Signs•●• by TStarry9
•●•Zodiac Signs•●•by Anonymous
All about Zodiacs.
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Bona Fide (A Zodiac Story) by BloopFlop
Bona Fide (A Zodiac Story)by you, dear
House Bona Fide is an underground safe house for injured criminals. Owned and opened by Capricorn for 9 long years. Thugs and killers from far and wide come here for qu...
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Ninjago Headcanons!!💞 by imangapplei
Ninjago Headcanons!!💞by ♥☾☈€♔€ ♭☈☋↳€€♥
just some headcanons of our favorite fandom:D #ninjagofanfiction😍
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My crazy creepy pasta zodiac life! by celestia245
My crazy creepy pasta zodiac life!by Celestia245
This goes really fast and there is going to be cringe. A girl corrupted by Zalgo and other things. I'm too lazy just read the thing if you want to understand the story.
  • creepypasta
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ZODIAC ~ K-POP by Mew_Mew_Pink
ZODIAC ~ K-POPby PandaLover
Tout est dans le titre
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Zodiac High by MiniMaddie77
Zodiac Highby MiniMaddie77
This story is about zodiac signs has high school students. This story includes: -Strong language -Adult situations Disclaimer: If you're young child is reading this, th...
  • zodiac
A Celestial Wizard & Dragon Slayer! by Rosella_Pisces
A Celestial Wizard & Dragon Slayer!by Meow-Mix
There are 3 parts to this, they'll have sums/descriptions of each part. You'll have to read to find out, This used to be a Celestial Wizard, but I made 'some' changes to...
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