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2am texting // ziam by xhappilyalive
2am texting // ziamby j
[ zayn + liam // mature ] liam can hide everything with a smile. but zayn can see right through his lies. [ completed : aug. 19, 2015 ] © xhappilyalive 2014
fame // ziam by xhappilyalive
fame // ziamby j
[ zayn + liam // mature ? ] how far can fame take you before you fall off the edge?
best mistake || (ziam mpreg) book one & two by joelswildflower
best mistake || (ziam mpreg) book...by 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐚
book one. Liam and Zayn hooked up at a party once, while Liam is dating their football coach, Louis. [completed] •-•-• book two. Liam and Zayn are now engaged with a bab...
Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Ziam by zeeyumRule
Can't Help Falling In Love With Yo...by zeeyumRule
--Zayn and Liam are best friends --Everybody is tired of their platonic relationship --captain Louis comes up with a plan!! --Rodger Malik is in the fic so its exactly...
feel // ziam by xhappilyalive
feel // ziamby j
everyone has that one indescribable feeling.... © xhappilyalive 2014
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU) by Miss__Mysterious
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU)by Miss__Mysterious
Zayn Malik, local college student, doesn't really enjoy fairy tales. In fact, he doesn't believe in them. Liam Payne, the boy Zayn admires from afar, isn't exactly his d...
Ziam one-shots book {REQUESTS OPEN} by zaynheartsliam
Ziam one-shots book {REQUESTS OPEN}by s
I take requests (smut, fluff, sad, teacher/student, hybrid, etc...) DM if you want one :)
Swindle~Camren, Jerrie, & Ziam by For_Legit
Swindle~Camren, Jerrie, & Ziamby For_Legit
Lauren Jauregui is known as the person at school that can get her hands on anything. But, she runs into a bit of trouble when her best friend's (Perrie Edwards) family...
Strip (Ziam) by bananaziam
Strip (Ziam)by bananaziam
Its Zayn's 18th birthday and what better way to celebrate then at a strip club? Stripper dom! Liam Little ol Zayn is Zayn how I usually do my stories. (It's better than...
11 Minutes |Z.M| by Shey-da
11 Minutes |Z.M|by Shey-da
"تو یازده دقیقه فاصله داری و من تمام روز دلتنگ تو هستم، عزیزم؛ پس چرا اینجا نیستی؟" Ziam By: Shey-da [Completed] Most Impressive Ranking; #1 farsi #1 11mintue...
forever // ziam by xhappilyalive
forever // ziamby j
until death tears us apart.... (final book of feel) © xhappilyalive 2014
ignite // ziam by xhappilyalive
ignite // ziamby j
through dark and light, thick and thin, better and worse.... (sequel to feel) © xhappilyalive 2014
Him (Ziam Mayne Fanfic) by onecutelarry16
Him (Ziam Mayne Fanfic)by onecutelarry16
My name is Zayn Malik, my life has taken a bunch of crazy twists and turns but somehow I ended up here. Hiding behind a wall "observing" Liam Payne. He has don...
It All Started With A Tweet {Ziam} by Larrysniam
It All Started With A Tweet {Ziam}by Larrysniam
Zayn was living his normal teenage life ,going to school ,hanging out with friends,etc. but that changes as soon as Liams family decides to move to Bradford. what will h...
Alone ||Ziam/AU|| by Amaziamphan
Alone ||Ziam/AU||by Phan AF
"C'mon, sit with us. No need to be alone." "I like being alone." "Why would you like being alone? You have no one." "That's the point...
Meeting You [au // ziam] by virtuousnarry
Meeting You [au // ziam]by Cheyanne
Liam Payne, is just a normal You Tuber, he's bi and had a bit of crushes here and there. But every Monday after he shoots his tags/videos, he goes to Starbucks, he order...
Disaster//Ziam [Hater 3] by CrazyWildUnicorn
Disaster//Ziam [Hater 3]by Joy
❝C'était une véritable catastrophe cette histoire. Parce que cette idylle prenait fin et chutait dangereusement. ❞ ©Copyright 2016 ©CrazyWildUnicorn Sequel To Ha...
Illegal Love - ZIAM teacher/student fanfic by L0vableGirl
Illegal Love - ZIAM teacher/studen...by Ellie
Zayn was a 16 year old student. He was a quiet boy but still quite popular. He wasn't a nerd but he sure looked like one. He wore glasses and his hair was styled in a qu...